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M249 Box Magazine (Bullgear)

M249 Box Magazine  (Bullgear)
M249 Box Magazine  (Bullgear)
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M249 Box Magazine  (Bullgear)
M249 Box Magazine  (Bullgear)
M249 Box Magazine (Bullgear)
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Only Box Magazine m249.
You have to have it: KIT Box Magazine m249

Box Magazine m249 ( 2500rd ) NO Battery inside

Box Magazine m249 ( 2100rd ) Battery inside

Be sure to set up the operation speed.
1) Turn off the controller.
2) Turn the regulator back on.
3) Start firing and turn the regulator slowly until no more skips occur.

What we made and what wanted to achieve.

1) Fast replacement of a box on time - practically as change of normal Magazine.

2) Lack of wires outside of a box and connectors which need to be disconnected when changing a box.

3) Lack of the flexible line, a hose which often leads to BBs jamming

4) Ease of dismantling

5) The strengthened motor with a reducer.

6) The feed gear from aluminum cnc.

7) Speed control of giving of spheres.

8) Automatic feed and work of a box.

9) Convenience of a charge of BBs.
10) The feed rate of balls is 11.1 to 2400 balls per minute.

11) Modularity of the platform of a box: we can improve at any time and also change construction and release completions and updates.

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